New Blog address#
I have a new blog address that is more up to date. As you can see, I started blogging again, but I wanted this to remain on the web as an archive of my old blog.

My new blog is at

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Last public blog entry for Cerkit#

That's it, goodbye public weblog.  Personal blogs have become a way for everyone to gossip with one another and talk about their pet dog's new food bowl.  The "blogosphere" has become a giant, festering, incestual cross-linking pile of steaming potatoes.

I've gotten to the point in my career that I must cease discussing my opinions and reactions to world events, political issues, or any other thing that might somehow offend one of my customers.  Besides, I'm not the same as I was four months ago.  I've changed, for the better.

I started my blog as a way to keep my family and friends updated on our life.  My family already knows me, so when I would write about something controversial (or leave important facts out of my entries for the sake of brevity), they knew that I was only exploring the possibilities.  They also knew that I'd eventually learn and helped me stay on the right path.  They forgave me for my mistakes and they forgave me for offending them.

Many blog readers aren't so giving.  Anonymity has created a culture where otherwise polite people can become something entirely different online.  Over the three or four years that I've kept my journal online for the public, I have received numerous negative (and some threatening) emails from people who took issue with a blog entry.  At no time did I ever promise to follow some journalistic creed to write for my audience.  No offense, but I don't write this for you, I write it for me and my friends and family.

However, I will not stop blogging in a personal fashion.

As strange as this sounds, I am locking my personal blog.  In order to access my blog (including the archives), you will need to register.  I will no longer discuss technology or programming on this blog.  This is my personal journal that I use to chronical my life and the attitudes, beliefs, and pains that I feel each day.  Very few people outside of my circle of friends will care anything about that, so I've decided to lock the blog up so that no search engine crawlers will index what I write.  There will also likely be another level of access for my deepest and most private parts.  I'm tired of writing my diary online only to have people who have no idea who I really am misunderstand because they have no context in which to anchor their interpretation of my writing.  Not so with friends and family.

So, I'm choosing capitalism over the bill of rights.  Sure, I have the legal right to say anything I want (well, aside from the illegal things like hate speech and pipe bomb schematics), but my employer also has the legal right to dismiss me for any reason at all.

If you are subscribing to this feed with your RSS reader, you shouldn't have to make any changes to your feed address.  I'll make sure the process goes smoothly.  Instead of getting this blog feed, you'll get the ISV Developer Evangelist team blog.  It's so much better when the team works together to come up with a plan to help our customers and partners succeed.

Visit the US ISV Developer Evangelist Team blog

I'd say it's been fun, but I'd be lying.  I am embarrassed at much of my behavior and content over those three years.  As part of my recovery, I am locking everything down.  Too many people judge me based on my blog alone.  That frightens me because my blog is an immensely insignificant representation of who I am and my true nature.  Not just that, but when my blog suddenly switched to opinion instead of useful technical tidbits, everything in my life began to unravel.  Unfortunately, I publically blogged about it.  Now, most of the information there is irrelevant based on the lessons I've learned.

I appreciate all of the support I've gotten from all of you over the years.  I look forward to many more years serving the industry, but babbling on about ideas and thoughts that were unfiltered, and immature (even outright idiotic at times) has left me with a giant stain on my Internet reputation.  My local "meatspace" reputation is a little better.  However, one day they will find each other and I don't want to offend anyone.

This is the last public entry I will make.  After a few days (or sooner) RSS subscribers will be redirected to the US ISV Developer Team blog and web visitors will be redirected to the new site.

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Legalize it...#

Just trying to get your attention.  ;)

I was pondering subcultures who wish to have legal reform, but have had no luck for a long time (if ever).

In addition, I was trying to think of the consumerist catch phrases that are used to identify these movements.

How many of the following catchphrases can you link to their movements/organizations?

  • "Make love not war" (easy)
  • "It's a child, not a choice"
  • "Legalize it"
  • "Fight the power"
  • "Hate is not a family value"
  • "Straight but not narrow"
  • "Wonder twins...ACTIVATE!"

I'm sure there are more, and I'd love to know what they are.  Add to the comments if you have one that isn't listed here.

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What is the upper limit of the term "likely"?#

I was thinking, with all the ways we have of dicing up the word "likely", what is the upper bounds?  On the "likely" scale, which is likely going to be the most likely likely.

Ok, from negative to positive, we have:

  • zero
  • not likely at all
  • highly unlikely
  • unlikely
  • not likely
  • rather likely
  • likely
  • more than likely
  • most likely
  • [this is where "highly likely" should go, but it doesn't]
  • X=?[...]

"[...]" is meant to represent an array of answers, since there might be more than one.

What's X?


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There are two kinds of people in the world...#

There are two kinds of people in the world:

    Those that think there are two kinds of people in the world…
    …and those that don’t

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Prophetic dreams - do you believe?#

I am a believer that dreams do literally come true and many of my dreams seem to reveal my future.  Recently, I found an old blog entry that I wanted to log here…

Molecular Transportation

That entry was written in March of 2004.  The part of the dream that is most interesting to me is the second paragraph.  Without getting into too much detail, that’s exactly how I felt about 3 months ago when my entire brain shut down and all that I had to hold onto was a shower head that I was looking at when the event took place.  The little "hiccup" I experienced was the moment where my body "crossed over" from my condition to the "new" me.

My interpretation of the first paragraph is that the "group of people" are doctors and the device is the medication that I was prescribed.  Once I had been prescribed the medication, I was "transported to another place", though I would hardly use the word "instantaneously" to describe the duration of the "transport".

It was strange to find this entry after so long and learn that, even if not actually predicting what happened to me two years later, it is neat to me that there is at least some similarity.

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New video card request#
Wouldn’t it be cool if you could have a video card that has VGA output as well as HDMI?  A dual-head setup that would allow you to see a DVD in HDMI and continue using the computer on your VGA monitor.  That would be a good feature of Windows Vista Media Center.
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We have flags for all sorts of things.  Most notably are the flags we use to represent our counties, towns, schools, villages, states, territories, and countries.  Has anyone ever stopped and considered that we have no global flag?

We have no flag to represent us all on this planet.  Why is that?

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Binary files from three years of my blog#

I thought this was interesting, so I wanted to put a link here for future reference.

Cerebral Kitchen binary archives

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Enough already, America isn't evil!#

Consider that everything you see in America was built upon these words...

"We the people..."

Unfortunately, our global ambassadors carry machine guns and show up in tanks.  Sure, those are our "people", but they don't represent the true America.  In America, there are far more decent people than there are soldiers, politicians, and used car salesmen combined (and many soldiers and politicians are decent people, even if they have questionable intent).

While we tout the power of our constitution, there are things in it that many people want removed.  Our dilemma is that every time we change the very document that defines our personal freedoms, we risk losing it all.  We are slowly allowing ourselves to chip away at our own rights.

Remember, it's not the government that is chipping away at our rights, it is each and every American citizen and our visitors.

It is you and it is me*.

We are the people!

[cue cheezy patriotic ballad]


*Unless you aren't an American, which is the most likely conclusion since there are more people in the rest of the world than there are in America.

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